How to get nutritional values of food in india?

 How do you get a nutrition facts label for your food product? 
You can obtain a nutrition fact label from our FSSAI authorized nutrition labelling testing lab. You need to bring your food product/item to our lab and after the testing, we will provide you with the detailed nutritional facts for your food product label.

Each Food Product packed requires to print its nutritional Values with Proce Label.

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How do you find the nutritional value of food?
Make a list of all the ingredients in your product. Write down how much of each is in there. Look up the nutritional values of each ingredients per gram of ingredient. Now multiply the amount of material with the nutritional values and you've got your values!

How much does nutrition testing cost?
The costs can quickly add up. A lab analysis for Nutrition Facts nutrients and proximates averages about 3000-5000 Rs. per sample, and analysis for any extra nutrients could run up to 1000Rs. each. Every time you modify an ingredient or recipe, you have to pay for a new analysis

How do I get nutrition labels?
We will provide you Free Softare to Print Label for your food product which gives access to print any type of Label with all nutritional values in any size, any printer to print. Check Below Video Link to get the idea & Same Video you will find Free Label Printing Software Download Link

What are the food labels?
Understanding the Nutrition Facts label on food items can help you make healthier choices. The label breaks down the amount of calories, carbs, fat, fiber, protein, and vitamins per serving of the food, making it easier to compare the nutrition of similar products.
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What are the 7 nutrients in food?
There are more than 40 different kinds of nutrients in food and they can generally be classified into the following 7 major groups:
1. Carbohydrates, 2. Proteins 3. Fats, 4. Vitamins, 5. Minerals, 6. Dietary Fibre, 7. Water.

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Each Food Product packed requires to print its nutritional Values with Proce Label.