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Label Printing Software Garments

 Print Any type of Barcode Label for Garments
Useful for All types of Retail POS
Useful for All types of Manufacturing Industries
Barcode Label Designs 360 Degree Customization Available
Download Setup File Above & Install into your PC/Laptop/Desktop.
Will Work in any Windows Operating System.
~ Install  Label Printing Software Garments_Setup
Now Install "Support Setup" 
(Setup File stored in Folder Inside - "Label Printing Software Garments" Folder)
~ Check "Label Printing Software Garments" Icon on your Desktop
~ Start Software Now by double clicking on Software Icon
Thank you for Downloading Software.

: Download Other Utility Software for Label Editing :
Watch Full Video How to Download, Install & Operate this Software
Watch Video for Full Softare Live Demo & Instalaltion Guidance

Here is Full User Manual Guide for How to Start & Use this Free Software!
Double Click on "Label Printing Software Garments" Icon available on your Desktop after completing software setup File Installation.
* Download "Label Printing Software Garments" Setup
* Now install this Setup File into your PC / Laptop.
(Any Windows Os will support this Software)
* Once Installed this Software. Just Open the Software Source Folder.
* Find "Support Setup" File
* Install this Setup File Also. 
(Otherwise Software will Not Work)
* By Default Software will be installed into D Drive with Folder 
"Label Printing Software Garments"
If your Computer has no D Drive then you can install it into other drive also.
While Installing software setup if will ask for location drive to select for instalaltion.

* Thats it. Software is Ready to Start. Just Double click on icon at desktop
"Label Printing Software Garments"
Software will start with dashboard like below iamge.
* Click on "Items Entry" to Start.
* The List of Items Stored will display here
* Click on New to Enter New Item Entry.
* Garments Clothing Required Feilds can be edited from Settings
Check the Image Showing Fields Created Like
- Size
- Colour
- Style / Pattern
(You can make these fields as per your requirements)
~ Understand Item Master here
~ Click on New Button to Start Entering the New Item
~ Double Click on Existing Item in List to Edit the item record
~ All Items saved can be seen here. You can search specific item for editing purpose from same screen by typing the name in Below Filter Box.

Thats It.
Now Let's Create New Item in Software for Label Printing
~ New Item Can be Entered Here.
~ Go on Pressing "Enter" Key After Entering Each Data. Using "Tab" Key or Just Skipping the Fields with Mouse won't Save the data properly.
~ Type the Name of your Item 
~ Short Name : Skip
~ HSN Code : Leave this Blank - Press Enter Key
~ Tax Slab : Select "Tax Free" Option - Press Enter Key
~ Company / Brand : Just Press Pen Button Beside Box and Edit the Existing Name as desired to print your label. then Press Update. - Press Enter Key
~ Group : Just Press Pen Button Beside and Edit the Existing Customer Care No. as desired to Print or you can type here other static detail to print in label footer area you want.
~ You can add other multiple data in company & group by pressing plus Key Beside.
~ Now Press Enter Key to move ahead
~ Unit : Select Unit Default Value - Press Enter Key
~ Maintain Size : Tick mark on this check box, this will open Size Entering Field below in Price Details Line - Press Enter Key
~ Size : Color : Style : Enter the required data of your Product. You can Skip the field if you dont want or remove from list with editing Item Master Settings > Sub Item Master.
~ Sale Price : Type MRP of Product Here you want to Print
~ MRP : Same MRP you have to type here also to Print on Barcode Label
~ Now go on pressing Enter Key Other data need not to Fill. 
~ Barcode : Software will automatically generate barcode Nos of Product starts from "10001"
~ Go on Pressing Enter Key will Open a New Raw to have multiple Size of same Product Entered
~ Now Press Save Button on Top-Right Corner. This will save the Product Data required to Print Barcode Label is Ready Now.
~ Press "Esc" or "Close" Button to Close the Screen.
~ Now From Item List Window - Press "Barcode" Button : That should open Below Screen Image
* Now Select the Product you want to Print Label For
(Click on Chek Box on Left to select)
* Type "Qty" i.e. No. Of Labels you wnat to Print for the Same Product
* Same Product with different Weight Packing will show in selerate Raw as it has different Barcode No. & Barcode Image to Scan for.
* Print : Press Print Button to Print Your Label.
* QR Code : Same Product can print QR Code
* Code 128 : If you have EAN 13 Barcode Nos. use this Button to Print your Barcode Labels.
* Preview : Label Tempaltes will Show in List to Select Size & Pattern to Print your Label.
*** List have Few Generally used Ready Sizes Templates Both for Thermal Printers & Laser Printers A4 Sheet Labels.
Ready Sizes available for Thermal Print Roll is
- 100 X 75 MM
- 100 X 50 MM
- 75 X 50 MM
- 50 X 50 MM
- 50 X 25 MM
Ready Sizes available for Laser Priner A4 Sheets are
- 21 Labels in a Sheet
- 40 Labels in a Sheet
- 65 Labels in a Sheet
* These can be used for any company sizes Eg. Novajet, Oddy or others.
Can Be purcahse from AMazon any size you want to.

* Once you select the size, Just Click on "Preview"
* Will Show you Label Preview.
* Make Sure that you make the Printer Default which you wnat to Print Label.

* Preveiw Screen of Label Appears on screen as per default Priner & Printer Page Preference Size Selected.
* You have to adjust Printer Page Size as per actual paper size in printer Driver.
Click on Left Top Corner Small Printer Icon to Print the Label
* Click on pdf or Export Button to make this lable pdf page.
* Click on Close Button to Close this Screen.

* Page Print Section 
* Shows No of Pages to Print & Its Selection.

## Import Item Master ##
* If you have lot many products, you can import the list from Excel Sheet.
However we recommend that you enter the Items One by One Manually, so that no mistake can happen. We will Cahrge Rs. 1000/- to Help you Import Item From Excel Sheet.
*** Here is Video Guide how you can Import Items From Excel Sheet.
Item Import Excel Sheet Template is Already given Software Source Folder  with Name
"Bulk Items Import Template.xls"

## Software Source Folder ##
* Below Image Contains the Main File Details & Location in your HardDisk.
* Please keep Data Backup so that that whenever you want to trnsfer the software with your data you can do it easily,
For Better Backup we recommend you to Copy the Whole Folder Name 
"Free Barcode Label  Printing Software"
** Please check "Support Setup"
This Setup installation is mendatory in case any other PC software transfer or same PC Format or First time Installation. 

## Report Builder Tool ##
* If you make another Crystal Report Template
Please Save it here in Report Builder Tool

## List of Ready Label Tempaltes ##
* Check the List available in Report Folder in Software Source Folder.
* You can Copy any rpt file & make new one as per your own requirement with help of Crystal Report 8.5 (Please click this Link for Crystal report 8.5 Setup Installation Guidance)

## Few Printed Label Tempaltes ##
Purchase Yellow Label 50MM X 50MM Single Raw from Amazon Link

Download Free Software Now!

## Few Support Videos List ##

TSC TE 244 Printer Red Resin Ribbon Uploading Live with 50X25MM 

How to Import Items From Excel in SuperERP Software

No Image Error how to fix in Free Barcode Label Printing Software

How to Generate Product QR Code in SuperERP Software

Crystal Report 8.5 Report Making Software Installation Guide Video

How to Design Barcode Label? Crystal Report with Margin Setting
 A4 Size Novajet Oddy Label Sheets

Free Laser Barcode Label Printing Software A4 Sheets Oddy Novajet All Size

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Purchase 55MM Black Wax Based Ribbon for this Label  (Link for Single Ribbon)

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@ 9727955514
Response time Approx 10 Mins.
Office Hours : Indian Time
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